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By: Carpet King  11-11-2011
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So, your carpets need cleaning?

But you’re worried about high costs and shoddy workmanship. You’ve got 3 options:

  1. Do it yourself. Spend a small fortune on supermarket chemicals and spend several hours getting sore knees. The result: Hard, sticky carpets with possible water damage. The stubborn stains? Watch them return quicker than ever.
  2. Call some friends who have launched into housecleaning. But do they know anything about carpet care, and years of research into stain removal. Will they be able to restore damaged carpets to their original state? Will they be moving your furniture and using your electricity? By the way, how long will they take?

We are proud to be technological leaders in the cleaning industry! Our company has, since 1979, built up the highest standards of professional service, and client satisfaction. This is why:

  • We don’t exclude anybody! With clients ranging from large corporations, the insurance industry, to budget-conscious homemakers, we make sure we leave your home or business the way you want it – clean and in order. Our results speak for themselves.
  • Our machines are one of our secrets – they clean by using advanced vapor-dry steam technology. They’re also self-powered, so we don’t use your electricity! But they never enter your house, so there’s no bumping into walls and valuable items. Your carpets last longer because all dirt and sand is removed from deep within.
  • Our staff is well-trained, efficient and professional. They are security-conscious; they isolate furniture from contact with damp carpets, consult with you about potential problems, and leave your carpets soft, clean and looking new!
  • Our chemicals are powerful yet bio-friendly, quick-drying and absolutely safe. This means that the cleaning time is minimal, and your carpets are ready for use much sooner than you expect. Surfaces will also be free from a variety of stains, odors and mites that cause health problems. Pet-owners also benefit greatly from our cleaning process.
  • We offer a range of services. Cleaning of furniture, cushions, beds, auto valets; certified carpet protection treatments; laying and fitting of new carpets; restoring water-damaged carpets; odor control and more.
  • We are a registered self-provider with our own trademark. We adhere to stringest standards of excellence and quality.

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