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By: Carbis  11-11-2011
Keywords: Fall Prevention, Tank Trucks, Articulating Truck

Reduce safety risks and increase productivity with multiple hatches loading racks.

Facilities that access multiple hatch tank trucks face an increased safety risk due to the amount of time workers are exposed to a fall while on top of the truck. Most of the time workers have to open vents, hatches, and caps at different points along a tank truck and standard gangways and cages do not provide the needed access for them.

Carbis offers many products to help safely access multiple hatches including:

  • Tracking gangway systems
  • Elevating truck cages (modals)
  • Articulating truck cages (TCEN)
  • Extended cage systems

We can help retrofit these systems into your existing site to minimize construction costs and help keep you operational longer. Rely on our 40 years of experience in designing fall prevention solutions to meet your multiple hatch needs.

Minimize construction costs and stay in operation with multiple hatch access.

Through our OSHA approved system we can create new loading racks, replace existing loading racks and install loading racks on your current load trucks to provide full length truck fall prevention:

  • Allow safe access on the full length of the trailer
  • Leverage full length truck fall prevention
  • Maintain maximum throughput through facility
  • Retrofit the solutions to your existing site

Carbis can help retrofit these systems into your existing site to minimize your construction costs and keep you in operation.

Keywords: Articulating Truck, Cage Systems, Fall Prevention, Install Loading Racks, Tank Truck, Tank Trucks,

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