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By: Cape Town Partnership  11-11-2011
Keywords: Drain Cleaning, Skills Training

The CCID’s Social Development department focuses on assisting homeless people in the Central City as well as alleviating poverty by supporting skills training and job creation projects. It works in partnership with NGOs and other stakeholders.

The CCID formed partnerships with the following organisations to assist them in the Central City:

  • Straatwerk – an NGO that employs previously homeless people and assists them in rebuilding their lives, on a daily basis. They are used for special projects such as graffiti removal, removal of posters, drain cleaning and any other cleaning projects.
  • Men on the side of the road – an NGO that helps unemployed people find work by creating special projects, such as a waterless car wash project and training them as tourist assistants in the Central City.
  • The Haven, Homestead, Ons Plek and Home of Hope –shelters for homeless people and children in the greater Cape Town area

The CCID Social Welfare/Development department consists of three fieldworkers and a dedicated Social Development Manager. The department focuses on assisting homeless people in the Central City as well as alleviating poverty by supporting skills training and job creation projects. It works in partnership with NGOs and other stakeholders.

The CCID Social Development department developed a holistic strategy focusing on various main areas of intervention:

By building relationships of trust with people on the street, the CCID succeeded in partnering with existing NGOs in the Central City to place hundreds of adults and children in places of safety.

Emergency interventions
When there is a city-wide crisis, the CCID steps in to assist. Two examples of this are the Blanket Drive of 2007 where the CCID, partnered with a local radio station, mobilised the Central City community to donate 80000 blankets to help the city’s indigent in the winter months; and Humaritarian Aid of 2008 whereby the CCID again mobilised relief efforts in the Central City to assist the thousands of displaced foreign nationals.

Public Awareness and Education
One of our primary roles is one of public awareness and education around issues related to homeless people. This education needs to be directed at the general public and business, as well as the homeless people themselves.

We’ve created a successful social awareness campaign under the brand Give Responsibly. We publicise this ongoing campaign in various forms throughout the year as the need for awareness, interventions and special projects arise. Through this campaign and other projects, as well as various donations received, our social development department was able to send provisions to beneficiaries such as the Haven Shelters, the Carpenter Shop, St Anne’s, the Ark City of Refuge, St Monica’s home for the elderly, the Multi Service Centre, Straatwerk, the Street People’s Ministry, the Heaven Shelter and Women in Need.

The CCID enjoys a success rate of nearly 80% in reuniting people found on the streets with their families. In the last year alone, it reunited 135 destitute adults and 160 children with their families and communities.

Job creation
Job-creation projects, in partnership with local government, business and NGOs, enjoy high priority. So far six successful job creation projects in the fields of cleansing, urban management, kerbside parking management, recycling, security and roads maintenance have been created.

Diversion programmes
In conjunction with the Department of Justice, the CCID has helped to establish a Community Court in order to divert petty offenders into community service programmes.

Channelling donations
The CCID uses its role as facilitator to link sponsors looking for a worthy cause, with the right beneficiaries. As a result of its many partnerships, many Central City businesses send clothing, food, equipment and IT supplies to the CCID, which then channels these donations to NGOs in the area.

The CCID has shown that by working with social partners, much can be achieved with limited resources. The CCID has demonstrated that business can and should be involved in meeting the needs of poor and homeless people living on the streets of the Central City and any other area.

Should you wish to donate money, food or clothing, please contribute to an established organisation. The following NGOs operate in the Central City:

  1. The Haven – District Six (Adult homeless)  (021) 465 1310
  2. The Haven – Napier Street (Adult homeless) (021) 421 6219
  3. The Homestead (Male street children) (021) 461 7470
  4. Ons Plek (Female street children) (021) 465 4829
  5. The Carpenter Shop (rehabilitation services and skills training) (021) 461 5508

Keywords: Drain Cleaning, Skills Training

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