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By: Cape Mohair  11-11-2011
Keywords: Bamboo, Mohair

MHR is the new brand name in adventure and technical gear. The adrenalin junkie son of Cape Mohair, MHR is going where no others have gone before exploring the wild terrain without damaging the environment. Leaving only footprints.

The science behind the sock
Using a precise blend of natural mohair and bamboo, MHR socks are digitally designed by bio-technical experts in consultation with a physiotherapist. And put to the test by endurance trail runners, you can be sure that MHR socks not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk!

How does natural fibre give you the edge?

Superior wickability = drier feet

Feet stay drier as moisture is carried along the vein of the fibre and out through the pores, where it can evaporate.

Intense durability

Thanks to its natural flexibility, this animal fibre allows twists and pulling without breakage.

Blister and chafe resistant

The smooth natural fibres protect the foot by sliding against each other and the skin.

Odour resistant

The slippery nature of this natural fibre makes it difficult for dirt and exfoliated skin to stick to the fibre.

Natural elasticity

The qualities of this natural fibre give it resilience, ensuring that the sock always maintains its shape.

Antibacterial properties

Bamboo is grown without pesticides and contains the natural anti-bacterial agent Bamboo Kun.

Moisture absorption

This natural fibre holds moisture away from the skin, leaving you feeling comfortably dry.

Keywords: Bamboo, Mohair

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