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By: Canvas Custom Made  11-11-2011
Keywords: Canvas, Canvases, Galvanized Staples

We use 100% cotton for our pre-stretched canvases. Our canvases are pre-primed with SABS approved acid-free, ph-balanced acrylic titanium Artist Gesso to endure archival grade canvas.  Artists Gesso has been created for the priming of canvases and is a very dense acrylic with a hardener added to make it as dense as possible.  Our priming ensures that whatever paint you use will not lose adhesion and will not seep through the canvas which could start rotting.     

After the canvas is primed with three coats, the canvas is sanded off to create a smooth finish and is ready to be used straight away.  Our canvas surfaces are excellent to paint on and work perfectly with oil and acrylic paints.

The most popular style canvas, known as the ‘Koos de Bruyn’ artist canvas, is wrapped around a 21mm frame and attached on the back using galvanized staples. The ‘Koos de Bruyn’ box canvas is wrapped around a 40mm box stretcher bar and attached using galvanized staples. The edges are suitable for painting and a frame is not required.

What makes our pre-stretch canvas exceptional?

No two folds on any one side of the canvas

Unlike machine-made canvases, all the corners on our canvases are hand folded on opposing sides.  This technique eliminates having two folds on any one side, thus eliminating any chance of binding when framing the painting

Rust free galvanized staples

Every staple we use is galvanized, eliminating staple corrosion and any chance of rust forming

No Rubber or Vinyl splines

Our canvases do not use splines. Splines can pop out -which produces a loose canvas which will ultimately need re-stretching

Perfect 90° Angles

We use machinist accuracy in creating perfect 90° angles while assembling all our stretcher bars frames

We use only the highest quality materials and hand craftsmanship in all our products to produce the best quality canvas.

Keywords: Canvas, Canvases, Galvanized Staples