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By: Calusa Creek Tree Farm  11-11-2011
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Why are Ficus Dying in South Florida and Ficus Whitefly in South Florida.

Finding suitable replacement plants

Fig whitefly (

Also known as

ficus whitefly)

populations are beginning to move rapidly in South Florida. This is raising the threat to


trees and hedges (

Ficus benjamina and Ficus bengalensis

) in many of the developments and homes. Whitefly populations reproduce rapidly during the spring and summer months. The risk of widespread infestation and rapid defoliation and then death in


plants has become a major issue.

Infestations continue to move north throughout south Florida and have now shown up on the southeast coast of Florida as far north as West Palm Beach. They have recently been detected on the southwest coast in the Fort Myers and Naples areas. This destructive pest (

Singhiella simplex

) has already defoliated or killed miles of


hedge in Florida and destroyed the appearance and privacy of countless residential and commercial landscapes.

Early detection and pesticide application can control this menacing pest. Contact your local landscape professional or pest control company for further assistance.

Should you be one of the unfortunate Landscape Contractors, P.O.A’s H.O.A’s or Developments looking for

replacement plants

here in south Florida

Calusa Creek Tree Farm

can be of assistance.

We have a wide range of native and tropical plant species that are perfect for

replacement plants

destroyed by this


We have the quantities and size to immediately restore any size hedge, screening, or specimen tree in your landscape to its former glory.

When looking for disease resistant tropical and native

replacement plants

for this destructive


please contact

Calusa Creek Tree Farm.

Our phone number is 772 219 3377 or contact us via our website at

Keywords: landscape, Landscape Professional

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