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By: Callquick  11-11-2011
Keywords: Clinical Trials, Patient Recruitment

1 Patient Recruitment Planning

Patient recruitment planning and project feasibility are the first crucial processes to managing recruitment risk, establishing realistic budgets, and setting mutual timelines.

Target Market - Patient population will direct specific approaches and media methods that could be utilized to ensure that each study achieves their recruitment goals. Understanding the patients before trying to recruit them is a key aspect.

We will source South African data with regards to the study target market once we obtain the exact inclusion/exclusion criteria as well as site details and demographics.

Clinical Trial Illness Profile – Specific identification of the incidence of illness in South Africa is compiled giving you local statistics. We offer a detailed analysis of the illness specific to your clinical trial again within the South African context.

Recruitment Forecasting - Impact of the recruitment funnel whereby because inevitably the pool of potential patients progressively diminishes through the phases of recruitment. Statistically disease prevalence may be high with large amounts of individuals per illness; but the final number of patients ultimately randomized into a clinical trial is much smaller.

Identified Difficulties – Assessment of recruitment barriers, protocol restrictions, failed solutions or even lack of motivation are pooled. Initial discussion with study site coordinators, investigators and the sponsor enables accurate identification for sound solutions.

2 Media Analysis, Planning & Placement

Our focus is to meet the specific needs of your study and participating study sites while maximizing return on your media investment.

To achieve this we develop a study specific media strategy that effectively targets the study population. This covers the crucial cornerstones such as the media message, media choice — Radio, Print, Internet advertising, Direct to Consumer postal shots etc — to the placement and bulk buying of media space and scheduling of radio slots as well as media monitoring.

Print Advertising
Broadcast Media
Public Relations
Internet Recruitment
Site Recruitment Kits

3 Contact centre

Contact points

Pre-Qualifying checklist
Contact technology
Real time reporting and statistics

4 Patient advocacy

Even though research has shown that voluntariness by the prospective patient population is high, we still have aspects of both fear and ignorance with regards to partaking in clinical trials. Callquick regards the patient as the most important link to successfully undertaking clinical trials. Education is paramount and we will never refer a patient if they will not primary benefit from randomisation.

5 Site support

Sensitivity of each site's capacity to screen patients is fundamental. This is in essence a volume analysis to ensure that the timeline is achievable and sites are not overwhelmed with referrals they cannot handle.

Keywords: Clinical Trials, Patient Recruitment