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By: C Point  11-11-2011
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HD videos look awesome on big screens, and the high resolution accounts for the rich-in-detail, slick way to present your business, products and services in the best possible manner. You can place them on your website, submit to YouTube and video directories, or use them in promotion on hi-res computer and TV screens, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Blu-ray and other devices.

Our HD video production includes two types of videos:

Presentation videos are delivered in 1,920x1,080 Super HD, 1,280x720 Standard HD, and 640x360 for web and YouTube.

Support for HD Videos

  • Super HD
    Pixel resolution: 1,920x1,080
    Runs on: hi-res computer and TV screens, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Blu-ray
  • Standard HD
    Pixel resolution: 1,280x720
    Runs on: hi-res computer and TV screens, ESPNHD, ABC, Fox,

Video Marketing Packages

What kind of message are you projecting?

When placing your order, please describe the style that you'd like for your video, for example:

  • Serious business style. IBM, banks and accounting firms have this style.
  • Slick and fancy style. Macintosh and iPhone have this style.
  • Neutral do-not-offend-anyone style. This is usually in blue and neutral colors, like Microsoft website.
  • Purple cow style (we boldly go where no-one sane would). In other words, you totally stand out from the crowd
  • Modern, moderate and professional-looking
  • Combination of styles / somewhere in-between, or
  • Something else entirely (specify)

Also, please let us know what you'd like in terms of pace, for example:

  • Fast-paced, with lots of excitement, adrenalin pumping
  • Moderately paced, with the imagery somewhat faster than the text
  • Slow-paced, giving people more time to read and allowing them to reflect on what they see

Keywords: Video Marketing, Videos

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