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By: Bushman's Wild Food  11-11-2011

Baobab fruit powder:
This is a food that comes from the original mythical tree of the African landscape. Traditionally people have used the bark, leaves, fruit, seed and rind of this tree for various health properties. This tree has offered one of the diverse foods that has sustained many generations of people for thousands of years . The fruit of the Baobab tree contains a pulp that is extremely nutritious; so much so that people are calling it a SUPERFRUIT.

Marula nuts
The Marula tree is called the “Tree of Life” in African folklore because it has been an integral part of the food supply chain to indigenous communities forever. The nuts of the fruit are prized as a highly nutritious source of protein and essential oils.

Hibiscus flowers
Hibiscus flowers are the ingredient for the most famous tea in Africa. These deep red flowers make a beautiful tea which has travelled the world from ancient Arab spice routes to the islands of the Carribean. The flowers contain a rich amount of polyphenols too, which makes them a healthy alternative to other teas.

Hoodia Chips
Hoodia is a traditional food used by the San Bushmen as a wild food source that helped to suppress the appetite. We’ve delicately sliced fresh Hoodia stems and then freeze-dried these slices to offer you the worlds first truly fresh Hoodia slices.

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