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By: Busby Natural Oils  11-11-2011
Keywords: Eucalyptus Oil, Specialty Blends

Bulk Eucalyptus Oil BP 80/85

  • A high quality refined Eucalyptus Oil
  • Fully compliant with British Pharmacopoeia (B.P.) and European Union specifications
  • Cineol /Eucalyptol content 85% – 90%
  • Used mainly for medicinal purposes

Eucalyptus Dives Oil

  • Consists primarily of Piperitone and Phellandrene with lesser fractions of Terpinen-4-ol and Alpha-Thujene
  • Used mainly for industrial applications and for its fractions

Specialty blends of eucalyptus oil

  • We manufacture a range of specialty eucalyptus oil blends for the Flavour and Fragrance industry. Any companies looking for outsourced manufacturing are welcome to contact us in this regard.

Keywords: Eucalyptus Oil, Specialty Blends

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Based on the available clinical information, the ingredients in Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil are suitable for use by pregnant women – including ingredients containing natural Vitamin A. There are no reported contra-indications or side effects found in the literature and no reports of negative effects on pregnant women.


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The mulch is also perfect for stables and barns as it provides soft bedding for animals, whist repelling flies and other pests with its natural Eucalyptus scent. During the production process the mulch is steamed to ensure a completely sterile product, free of any organisms, or any other contaminants. This heat treatment process meets the import requirements of both the USA and the European Union.


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