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By: Browsercam  11-11-2011
Keywords: Operating Systems

BrowserCam's Screen Capture Service lets you submit single or multiple URL's, choose the browsers and operating systems you want to see, and screen captures of your webpage are loaded in the different browsers and operating systems you selected.

You may take an unlimited number of our traditional single-frame screen captures during your subscription period. Our screen capture service also offers Full Page Captures, which will take a full length screen capture up to 8 pages long

Full Page Capture Limits
Plan Type Number of Captures
One-Day 20
One-Month 100
Super-Saver (Standard) 250
Super-Saver (Premium) 500
Annual (Standard) 3,000
Annual (Premium) 6,000

These capture limits refer only to the number of Full Page Captures that you may have in your account at any given time. So for instance, if you have a Super-Saver plan and you've reached your 250 FPC limit, all you have to do is delete some or all of your existing FPCs if you'd like to take more.

Keywords: Operating Systems