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By: Broadlink  11-11-2011
Keywords: Optical Fibre, Product Availability, Metro Ethernet

Broadlink-Optical Fibre cabling is presently used in conjunction with our METRONET product offering “last mile” connectivity. Optical Fibre contributes to delivering speed-intensive performance from your network and is therefore a valuable addition to our product range.

Product outline

Broadlink's Optical Fibre solution can offer point to point national connectivity. This solution is provided in conjunction with Broadlink’s METRONET product and our telecommunication Associates. Our Optical Fibre networks are ground based with no overhead suspension. Most importantly, we offer an alternative to existing established infrastructure where it can also be used as part of a wireless network where new ground links need to be created.

Schematic outline

Product overview

Each client application is treated individually and customised to best fit the required solution. In order to satisfy similar high availability, high bandwidth and scalability, Broadlink is able to extend the optical network to customer premises giving access to the Broadlink business Services; and for managed customer site to site connectivity.

Features Benefits
Time To Market Access to new routes at short notice
Improved Business Agility Customers are able to upscale and downscale their requirements.
Uses the most up to date technologies Future Proofing the Network
High Quality Standards Reliable, offering high levels of uptime
Secure Physically separate from other services.
High capacity bandwidth The solution is scalable to fit almost any client requirement
Metro Ethernet Architecture Will integrate into current client networks seamlessly

Product summary

Optical Fibre from Broadlink offers a high quality alternative communication option which provides extremely high levels of bandwidth, performance and data integrity.

Product availability

Optical Fibre is available through Broadlink and sold via authorized re-seller/channel networks. As part of Broadlink's-MetroNet solution, back up and service is available nationally.

Additional product information/free consultation

Keywords: Metro Ethernet, Optical Fibre, Product Availability

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