Brits Kamera Klub

By: Brits Kamera Klub  11-11-2011
Keywords: Pictures, Photojournalism, Outdoor Photography

Currently we have a Digital Image and Audio Visual category into which entries may be submitted.

1. Digital Image category

Electronic images in a digital format as obtained from a digital camera is entered in this category. A total of three digital entries per month are allowed. These may be entered in any of the various sections. A fourth entry will be allowed if it is entered in the Set Subject category.

We have the following categories into which digital photos may be entered:

  • Altered Reality (A)
  • Nature (N)
  • Open (O)
  • Photojournalism (P)
  • Portrait (H)
  • Landscape (L)
  • Set Subject* (S)

*Only one image may be entered in the Set Subject each month.

Altered Reality (a)

This is defined as the creative use of any technique to alter the recorded image in a way that simulates or produces an artistic representation. Any image in which the photographic truth has been altered would fit into this category. In this section manipulation is the key to an successfull image. The normal PSSA rules apply, such that the original image(s) must have been captured using a camera, and these images, as well as all manipulation must be the works of the author.

The Naming prefix is "a"

Nature (n)

Outdoor photography seeking out beauty within our vast natural world, including aspects of botany, geology, animals, insects and floral. Also interaction between living and nonliving things - air, water, soil, trees, plants, waves and spiders and much more that make up our greater ecological system. Photographs depicting human elements, cultivated plants, domestic animals, still life studies, mounted specimans or museum exhibits are not permitted. Manipulation is not allowed.

The Naming prefix is "n"

Open (0)

Any subject that does not easily fit any other category e.g. pets, portraiture,travel, sport,flowers, fashion, architechture, etc. Moderate manipulation is allowed.

The Naming prefix is "0"

Photojournalism (p)

To capture events in the photographer's time, be they of national importance or local neighbourhood pictures. These photographs have one thing in common - they are moving pictures where the photographer has witnessed the moment while striking a universal theme. They are story telling, documentary, news, press, theatre, or of human interest. Pictures must have informative content and/or emotional impact. The journalistic value of the image will be considered over the pictorial quality. No manipulation is allowed.

The Naming prefix is "p"

Set Subject (s)

Prescribed themes are set for each club evening, in the Set Subject calendar. This category is intended to broaden our photographers viewpoints via a challenge to photograph objects which the photographer otherwise might not have considered.

The Naming prefix is "s"

2. Audio Visual category

An audio-visual presentation is the combination of sound and visual images. In a video or cinematic production the images move whereas in an audio-visual presentation they change. An audio-visual presentation therefore describes a series of images that are screened in sequence to the accompaniment of music and/or words. The themes are wide open and depend on the choice and talents of the audio-visual worker. Themes can include, amongst others, the following topics: educational; documentary; story telling; humour; nature; photojournalism; contemporary; social issues; the environment or simply a random combination of beautiful images. Highest awards normally go to AV's that tell a definite story.

Keywords: Outdoor Photography, Photojournalism, Pictures