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By: Brinant Security Services  11-11-2011
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Brinant Security Services (Pty) Ltd provides services to clients in various sectors but has established itself as the market leader in residential estate security over the past 10 years. Protecting and safeguarding more than 100 residential estates and complexes in Pretoria has given Brinant and its officers all the experience in guarding these prime properties effectively, using special trained officers, for example trackers, dogs and specialist equipment (night sight and guard monitoring systems). Evaluations of a client’s security situation and environment are done in order to advise and predict the nature and possibility of potential threats. A tailor-made security plan is formulated to efficiently and cost effectively address the specific needs of a client in deploying security officers and making use of electronic security equipment.

Armed reaction

Brinant has a 24-hour control room manned by senior personnel. The control room is in radio contact with all senior officers, supervisors, managers and directors. Alarm and panic systems are monitored from the control room. Back up monitoring equipment and power supply is in place to ensure constant monitoring. Reaction officers are mostly former police or military personnel with excellent training. Reaction officers are not permanently stationed waiting for alarms, but are constantly driving and visiting clients, and react in a proactive manner.


Brinant Security Services (Pty) Ltd owns Brinant Alarm Services cc, a fully technical corporation. Brinant Alarms installs and maintains alarm systems, access control systems, intercoms, electrical fences, gate motors and CCTV cameras. Brinant offers full monthly maintenance packages or works on a call out basis.


A Psycho-physiological Detection of Deception (polygraph) examination is a test that records the physiological changes of a person who is being tested in order to determine whether that individual is being truthful or deceptive (lying) towards the issue under investigation. Polygraph testing is not only used by law enforcement communities both in Southern Africa and around the world, but is today also widely employed in the private sector in South Africa. Polygraph testing can mainly be utilised in one of two ways:-
  1. As part of the pre-employment screening process for possible candidates for employment; and
  2. As a forensic technique to help resolve the investigation of criminal offences and other specific issue cases.
Polygraph testing has been proven by research as being the most effective and proactive way through which the truthfulness of an individual’s statement can be verified or discredited, or as a means to select appropriate candidates for employment whilst disqualifying unwanted candidates at the same time.

Keywords: Alarm, Control Room, Polygraph Testing, Security Services

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