BRIDGEMOND Risk and Threat Management

By: Bridgemond  11-11-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Strategic Risk Assessment


Where strategic intelligence provides a critical road map for potential investors, it is the tactical level of intelligence, based on sound risk and threat assessments, that protects lives and assets once investment decisions have been made.

“Hostile” environments should be viewed subjectively (from the point of view of the employee on the ground) and may, apart from obvious dangers posed by conflict and criminal elements, include all or some of the following elements;


Language and cultural barriers


Poor support infrastructure (inadequate medical, communications, safety and security facilities)


Areas where authorities are unable or unwilling to provide adequate protection or are manifestly corrupt.

In this context, risk management assumes a multi-dimensional nature.

Our services include:

Strategic Risk Assessment

- Historical political landscape
- Conflict past and potential future conflict
- Ethnicity
- The Business environment
- Religion
- Regional
- International dynamics
- General labour militancy
- Environmental issues
- Corruption
- Long-term business threat indicators

Focused Risk Assessment

- Ethno-Religious dynamics - Levels and nature of interaction
- Inter-group conflict profile - Sources of livelihood
- Competition for resources - Expatriate relations
- Relations between government - Relations between company and community
- Relations between company and government - Local police and security competency and functioning
- Corruption and extortion - Crime patterns
- Local labour practices and militancy - Specific environmental issues
- Security surveys    

We offer expertise in the implementation and management of emergency response plans and contingency evacuation plans and the establishment of communications structures and procedures in support of exploration teams operating in remote and hostile areas.

Benefits of Comprehensive Assessments

- Enables risk mitigation planning at all levels of the business
- Less reliance on external management resources
- Business/enterprise continuity
- Empowers corporate negotiators
- Highlights corporate commitment to employee well-being and safety
- Improved community relations
- Improved labour relations
- Improved corporate communications
- Underscores corporate commitment to good governance

Keywords: Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Strategic Risk Assessment