By: Bridgelink  11-11-2011

Our recently revised range of Blink products appeal to a host of players in the property market. We cater for property sellers and buyers, attorneys and estate agents and will help you to meet your short term cash flow requirements.

Have you sold your house or do you have an approved bond and need cash in a blink?

One of the property industry’s biggest frustrations is the lengthy period of time it takes for profits to be accessible after the sale of a property. Waiting for a property or bond to be registered can be a tedious process, creating huge time lags in allowing you to access your funds.

Once your request has been approved, this Blink service will provide you with up to 90% of the equity accrued from the sale of your property.

If the following criteria apply to you:

  • You are the registered owner of the property
  • You have an acceptable credit record
  • The bond has been granted by a registered financial institution

Then simply provide us with your details, and a consultant will contact you shortly to supply you with the necessary documentation and a quotation that will meet your needs.

Tired of waiting for your agent’s commission to be paid? Blink products can give you access to commission within 48 hours.

BridgeLink has designed a package specifically for estate agencies, allowing you to have greater control over your cash flow, and by granting you the freedom to focus on your sales.

Provided that the Estate Agency Principal is a member of the Estate Agency Affairs Board and has entered into a Master Sales Agreement with BridgeLink, you can gain access to 70% of your estate agents commission in the Blink of an eye.

Contact our sales centre so that a consultant can assist you in the registration process on 0860 123 123

Are transfer fees giving you sleepless nights? OR Are you selling your property and need to cover the costs of rates and taxes?

Bridgelink offers a transfer fee solution that is specifically aimed at improving cash flow by providing you with the means to cover transfer costs as well as rates and taxes. 

Provided that costs have been included in the purchase price or the mortgage bond and the relevant paper work has been submitted, this Blink service can provide almost immediate access to funds. Our administration fee will be charged according to the relevant amount granted.

Contact our sales centre so that a consultant can assist you in the application process on 0860 123 123