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By: Brickcom  11-11-2011
Keywords: Power Over Ethernet

The Executive Yuan announced "Specific District Plan of Taiwan Knowledge Economy Flagship Park" project on 1st of June, 2001 In order to develop Taiwan's bio-medical technology and make this industry the next main engine for Taiwan's economy growth. This project is also listed as part of the "Plans for National Development".

Brickcom cameras are embedded with a high performance image sensors and CPU which supports H.264 compression to provide megapixel, high-quality video while reducing the transmission bandwidth and storage requirements. The networked system enables the network of cameras to be easily managed from the central management station.

With the Brickcom WiMAX IP solution, AUO was able to drastically reduce installation costs and the installation time. The WiMAX technology can transmit data up to six miles, ensuring that AUO could monitor every corner of the Daxin plant. The PoE feature of the Brickcom cameras enabled AUO to future reduce costs by requiring a single cable for transmitting data and supplying power for each camera.

Brickcom FD-100Ap cameras' high resolution sensors offer megapixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second, providing clear recognition and real time coverage. With H.264 compression, the video can be transmitted with fewer bandwidth requirements and no fear of image degradation. The Power over Ethernet feature offers CHT easier installation over the previously used analog cameras.

The Urdanitsa Chocolate Factory was founded in 1929 by Karneex, Gorshanova & CO. as part of the Shabolovskaya brewery trading house. Karneex, Gorshanova & CO’s products are widely known throughout Moscow and other Russian cities and are supplied to the Russian Imperial Majesty’s court.

With almost 70 years of history, the Allied Bank of Pakistan is one of the first banks to be established in Pakistan. It was first founded in Lahore by the name of Australasia Bank before becoming independent in 1942. The name was changed in 1974 to Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited and then in 2005 to its current name, Allied Bank Limited. Due to capital reconstruction, in August 2004 ownership of the Bank was transferred to a consortium that comprised of Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group.

With over a century of history, Cook County Hospital has developed a reputation as a prestigious teaching hospital for training first class doctors. The teaching atmosphere provides a positive environment for resident students to learn and master the art of medicine. In order to provide the best training for students, the hospital aims to provide cutting edge training procedures and classes.

Chester & District Housing Trust is a not for profit organization that provides general housing services for the local community by managing council housing stock and running an OAP scheme. The Trust conducts meetings with members of the public in order to assess their requirements and the management staff decided to install a surveillance system to monitor activity in their interview rooms, so that staff would feel better protected in situations where members of the public might become aggressive.

Located in Riberao Preto, Brazil, Ancho Premium Beef is an upscale steak house known for providing superb meals and a tranquil atmosphere for a night out on the town. To ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and guests, the restaurant owner decided to install a surveillance system. With the sleek design of Brickcom cameras, the surveillance system provides an effective tool for monitoring the restaurant while remaining aesthetically pleasing to patrons.

In the Nightlife Entertainment Industry, transactions between the customer and business are pivotal because there are so many people involved and scenarios where errors can occur. At a night club in the United States, one business owner installed 7 Brickcom cameras to maintain security of the club while ensuring the profitability of the business.

Brickcom Corporation was approached by a WLAN first tier company to help in the installation of a complete IP surveillance system at their headquarters. A highly integrated system was required to cover the headquarters, parking area, factories, and dormitory. In this case, the BrickOne Solution provided this company with a quick and easy road from installation to use.

Rotary International District 3520 held their twelfth annual conference at a local university in Taipei, Taiwan. Rotary International District 3520 is one of 32,000 Rotary International service clubs worldwide that brings together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service to communities. All members of the Rotary district were invited to attend, but many international members were not able attend due to distance.

When Scorpio, a Taiwanese-based shoe manufacturer, was looking to install a surveillance system at their factory in Cambodia, they approached Brickcom Corporation for a surveillance solution. With a large area of 150,000 square meters, the Cambodian site required an advanced and reliable system which would be used to provide 24/7 surveillance and reduce theft of valuable materials. The system would also need to allow for remote access from Scorpio’s headquarters in Taiwan.

When a Taiwanese multinational broadband company opened a factory in the Czech Republic, they needed a reliable and cost-efficient security system to monitor the factory and surrounding perimeter. This company decided to utilize 13 Brickcom FB-100A cameras and 2 NR-1604 network recorders to create an IP surveillance solution. This Brickcom solution provided an affordable and easy-to-use path to real-time control and real-time monitoring of the Czech factory. ..

Keywords: Power Over Ethernet

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Brickcom - 1 Channel Video Server

Support for Power over Ethernet enables the video server, as well as the analog camera, to use the same cable for power and data transmission, eliminating the need to install an external power supply. The Brickcom VS-01A series is a high performance video server which helps users makes an easy transition from an analog to IP-based surveillance system.


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In addition, the Brickcom IP camera can transmits the video to portable devices via other technology, for instance, WiMAX, 3G cell phone, NAS, Digital Frame and power line. Other than commercial-used security system, surveillance for individual is also a critical application in security surveillance field. It is used to prevent some intended events such as perimeter intrusion, illegal mining, and theft and so on.