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By: Braveheart  11-11-2011
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Kennelling one’s dog(s) is an emotional thing: Will the apple of your eye be treated well? Will there be sufficient control to ensure that it does not fall victim to attacks? Are the people who are going to look after the dogs trained to handle dogs? Do they really love dogs? Will my dog be cooped up in a kennel the whole time it is there? Will it have to share a kennel with other dogs?At Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy we understand your concerns. Here are some straight answers to the above questions:

  • The well-being of dogs left in our care is of paramount concern to us

  • Strict control is exercised to ensure that there is no opportunity for fighting between the dogs

  • The people looking after the dogs kennelled at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy are all highly qualified and accredited dog trainers and handlers – and they really love dogs

  • One of the things that make kennelling your dog at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy unique, is the fact that the dogs do not spend the entire period of their stay in kennels – they are taken for walks every day under strict supervision by trained handlers and minders

  • Every dog is kennelled in its own separate Bio-Hut, a unique, patented dog home developed by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein to meet every need of dogs big and small.

You can also have your dog kennelled for FREE

If you bring in your young dog for socialisation, or your mature dog for personal protection

training when you go on holiday, free kennelling is included for the duration of the training

period – and you will only pay for kennelling for the period (if any) that you will be away for

longer than the training period (which is 2 weeks for socialisation, and 4 – 6 weeks for

personal protection training).

The owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein is not only internationally recognised as a world authority on the training of working dogs but also on establishing independent Dog Centers, or evaluation of existing Dog Centers. Consulting services include:

  • Comprehensive planning, implementation, and operating of Dog Centers

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of existing Dog centers as well as of security systems making use of dogs, with specific emphasis on application and cost control

  • Evaluation of individual dogs regarding behaviour characteristics and suitability for use in a breeding programme

Any other practical problems experienced during the breeding or training of dogs.The philosophical point of departure when establishing Dog Units internationally is to ensure that the Unit will be able to operate independently, with the capacity to provide work opportunities for citizens of its own country.Training and development of personnel is focused on long-term career planning, and making the application of relevant qualifications a practical reality. In order to achieve these outcomes, qualifications are benchmarked against international standards while quality management is also in line with international standards.Continuity and sustainability are achieved though the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology, and the implementation of quality management systems and procedures.The final result is a totally independent entity that functions at optimal levels of performance.

John Greyvenstein is in constant demand internationally to act as Project Manager for the establishing of specialised dog training and operational centres for a variety of applications.

The Bio-Hut is a unique, patented dog kennel, scientifically designed, developed and tested by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein to enhance the comfort of the dog and simplify the task of its minder, while representing a significant cost saving.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Economy: The Bio-Hut represents a saving of up to 60% on the capital cost of a standard kennel, and drastically cuts working and maintenance expenses

  • Modular: Easy to transport and can be erected easily and quickly, in single units or multiples

  • Can be used as permanent or temporary housing  for the dog: Should you move house at any stage, the Bio-Hut moves with you to your new home

  • Anti-corrosive materials, and maintenance-free: Specially treated for protection against corrosion

  • Hygienic and easy to clean: Does not need an expensive drainage system, can be spray-cleaned with a hose, and the handler need not even go into the kennel to clean it.

The dog’s natural behaviour and comfort were given prime consideration in the design of the Bio-Hut and, in particular, the sleeping quarters. All physical needs of the dog are satisfied: It protects against radiated heat, cold and rain; and the unique sleeping quarters ensure a tranquil shelter for the dog to rest undisturbed, also when the kennel is being cleaned, largely eliminating stress factors for the dog.

  • The design ensures a cosy, warm sleeping place in winter, while proper ventilation creates a cool resting area for the dog in summer.

  • The height of the kennel ensures that the dog will not tire or hurt itself by jumping up and down.

  •  When erecting more than one or a series of Bio-Huts, none of the dogs can see into the adjoining kennels - thereby eliminating stress, and reducing the noise level created by incessant barking.

Even lactating bitches are catered for: The sleeping quarters create a respite area from her puppies to prevent them from constantly harassing her by trying to suckle all the time.A unique advantage for the dog owner is that the Bio-Hut enables him or her to go away for short periods without having to worry about the well being of the dog or dogs.

The Bio-Hut includes the Bio-Bin – a unique self-feeder for dogs that creates a significant saving in labour as well as wastage of food.

  • Cost effective: Filled with 10 kg of food at a time, eliminating wastage and saving on labour as food only has to be replenished approximately once a week

  • Food remains dry and hygienic, and every dog eats what is necessary for its energy requirements

  • The Bio-Bin can be filled from the outside, without having to go inside the Bio-Hut.

  • The Bio-Bin can also be purchased as a free standing unit .


        Front view of bio hut kennel                                                Rear view of Bio Hut Kennel

Overview of the bio hut

Keywords: dog, kennel