Time & Frequency Systems - Multiple applications, GPS synchronized frequency standard systems

By: Brandywine Communications  12-08-2011
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Brandywine Communications offers a comprehensive range of time and frequency systems. these products are designed to provide a wide range of time and frequency signals for military and commercial applications. Single-string and redundant configurations are available. These systems can be found throughout the world in every U.S. submarine, in U.S. ships, to support battlefield communication nodes, and most recently in the air.  Brandywine offers a range of time and frequency systems to meet your needs whether it be ruggedized systems for military use, high quantity available systems for satellite ground stations, and cost effective systems for infrastructure projects such as airports, hospitals and rail terminals.

Key features of these systems include GPS synchronization, optional SAASM GPS, Cesium clock, rubidium or ovenized quartz oscillators, ultra low phase noise frequency references. Standard output signals include Network Time Protocol (NTP), IRIG B, Have Quick, 10MHz, ASCII time messages, and 1PPS.

The most accurate time and frequency system currently available, with inherent 10ns accuracy.  This dual redundant, network-centric, modular system allows automatic compensation of propagation delay and is fully qualified for airborne, shipboard, and land mobile applications. Made in the U.S.A.

The PTS-SAASM is a complete master clock, or primary reference source, containing a GPS rubidium Oscillator. Both single and dual redundant models are available. Made in the U.S.A.

Disciplined Rubidium Time and Frequency Standard. Same design as the PTS-SAASM, this product offers a complete remote control and monitoring via a web browser interface. Made in the U.S.A.

Advanced Frequency/ Time Distribution Amplifier.  Will accept two sources such as 1PPS and a reference frequency such as 10MHz. This unit has hitless switching and very low phase noise outputs. Made in the U.S.A.

Time and Frequency Distribution and Transfer Switch. Compatible with Model PTS. Low phase noise, multiple outputs Made in the U.S.A.

Portable Timing Unit. A unique transportable timing system designed for precise time of day at point of use. Made in the U.S.A.

Rugged, Highly reliable, and extremely flexible with over 30 options available.  This unit is shipboard qualified with single, dual, and triple redundant models available. Made in the U.S.A.

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NTP / PTP Time Servers

A GPS NTP server will give your company the necessary accuracy for military applications, hospitals, technology companies, and many other utilites that require precision timing to support network accuracy and efficiency. Low cost GPS synchronized NTP Server with front panel display provides a convenient and flexible means to accurately time synchronize computers, time displays, and a variety of other equipment using NTP.


GPS Synchronized Clocks

Built at our facility in Tustin, CA, these U.S. made time and frequency standards incorporate a GPS receiver which is used to continuously calibrate the clock to provide both time of day and frequency information in a variety of formats. Brandywine Communications offers the highest level of time and frequency accuracy with budget friendly cost in a variety of GPS Clocks such as the NFS-220 and the NFS-220 plus to fit your needs.


Modular Timing Systems

The newest modular timing system to the Brandywine family is the HPTS, offering dual redundancy, network-centric modular system with the highest accuracy of 10ns and allows for automatic compensation and propagation delay. Applications for the modular family include data acquisition and telemetry system support, network synchronization, cideo annotation, time stamping, displays for hospitals and public buildings, and military applications.


Frequency Standards - Accurate, GPS synchronized free running frequency standard

These frequency standards use hydrogen, cesium, rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators to provide our customers with the highest accuracy, stability and reliability needed for any environment needing precise time. Brandywine Communications has built up a family of ultra precision and accurate frequency standard references to customers around the world.


Bus Level Timing Cards - largest selection of PCI, cPCI, VME cards and options: IRIG B, 1PPS, GPS

From our most requested PCI Syncclock32 with optional GPS receiver, to our advanced conduction cooled PMC model to our staple VME card, these boards offer the latest technology as well as the most extensive list of standard features and options available to bus level timing cards. With the largest variety of options including standards like IRIG B, 1PPS, Have Quick, and GPS you can customize your timing card to fit your need.