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By: Brand Drive  11-11-2011


Taxi Branding:

Make our Taxis your Mobile Billboard. Thousands of bored commuters are stuck in traffic along with our Taxis on a daily basis. Not to mention the pedestrians and the crowds of people at all the Shopping Centres, Office Parks and hot spots where these Taxis pick-up and drop their passengers throughout the day.

Rear Window Ads:

Even though rear window advertising doesn't offer the 360 degree brand exposure that a vehicle wrap does, it's a more affordable option for smaller businesses and it's one of the areas of the taxi that is most viewed in busy traffic. When combined with a vehicle wrap it gives your brand an even more eye-catching advertisement.

Taxi Rooftop signs:

Let your brand rise above the rest. These rooftop signs stand out in heavy traffic and are visible from far away. They are also affordable and they offer the most exposure for your money.

Digital Screen Ads:

Each of our Taxis are fitted with 10inch LCD screens that are clearly visible from all the passenger seats. They play still shots or video and even sound if required. They run on a 10 minute repeat time so with the average trip taking about 10/15 minutes you can be assured that almost every passenger will see your ad at least once.

Leaflet Distribution:

This new innovation is the perfect way to distribute your promotional or informational material, especially if you are targeting the tourist market. The holders are attached to the headrests of the front two seats at eye-level and can be used to distribute anything up to A5 size. They are also used to distribute our Pocket Maps.

Pocket Maps:

Another Brand Drive innovation, perfect for 2010. These pocket maps are ideal for SME's or anyone in the Tourism or Hospitality Industry. It's an A7 Z-folding card with a map on the one side and business listings on the other side. The companies that are listed will also have their location pin-pointed on the map.