BowHaus Digital Trans/Negs

By: Bowhaus  11-11-2011

Large Format Quality from Digital Images

Shoot Digital and Send Your Clients Large Format FILM.

  • 4x5 and 8x10
  • Continuous tone. No Dots!
  • Transparencies and Color/B&W Negatives
  • Film Choices: Ektachrome, Portra and TMax
We can produce 4x5 or 8x10 LVT transparencies and negatives from virtually any type of digital image file (TIFF, JPEG, etc.) and give you the best of both worlds. High resolution for reproduction or traditional darkroom enlargement. Preserve and distribute your images on film.

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He received the honorary GRAMMY music-preservation grant from colleagues in the music industry because they recognize his work as contributing to archiving the history of American jazz music. Photographic legend Herman Leonard opened his first studio in 1949 and soon pioneered new techniques in lighting while chronicling the Golden-era of American Jazz.


BowHaus-News-Antonis Ricos

BH: What are the most important new features in the Windows Beta Version of IJC/OPM?AR: The PC version has more features than the Mac version at this point. The "Iris" Antonis refers to, is an inkjet printer originally designed for CMYK proofing, which ushered in the age of fine art giclee printing in the 90's. The most amazing feature is that you can bring in an image with alpha channels and assign a separate profile to each channel.