By: Bosal  11-11-2011

Simplicity of assembly is the key to Bosal’s labour saving advantage of steel conduit – no special tools, no threading, its ease of bending snug fit and compatibility with conduits of earlier design, has revolutionized the electrical contracting industry.

Galvanized conduit ranging from 
Ø20mm to Ø50mm

Epoxy black coated ranging from 
Ø20mm to Ø50mm

 Electrical conduit system 
galvanized and black

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The products range from round, oval, square and perforated to complex profiles and vary from low carbon steel in hot rolled, cold reduced to coated steel aluminized and galvanized to stainless steel ferritic and austenitic. Bosal has a global footprint in the delivery of tubes and tubular products, with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, South Africa and the United Kingdom.