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By: Booyco Electronics  11-11-2011
Keywords: Mining Industry, Collision Warning System

Environmental Sensing Instruments (ESI)

The Smart Sensor was developed for the mining industry to meet specific requirements where various gasses need to be monitored at specific locations.

Collision Warning System (CWS)

The CWS 8OO collision warning system uses very low frequency technology (VLF) to provide miners and drivers with a personal communication tag to create a warning zone of a stable and predictable shape and size on moving machinery.


The Remcon range of products provide industrial networking, telemetry, monitoring and control solutions to various industries. The Remcon products were designed to adapt to extreme environments as found in the mining industry, and to function with both older and newer technology.

Remcon Remote Telemetry

Serial Controllers, Radio Controllers, I/O Modules, Convert ors and Special Applications

Remcon Fire Detection

Controller, Repeaters and Sensors

Remcon System Layout Examples

Radio Telemetry and Fire Detection

Production Equipment

Advanced Tamping Device (ATD)
The locally developed Advanced Tamping Device is a lightweight alternative to traditional tamping methods. Unaffected by wet holes, it is fully recoverable and reusable in the event of a misfire; is impervious to all working temperatures; and is ideal for slow-release propellant blasting. Manufactured from fire-retardant and anti-static polypropylene, it offers significant savings on explosives as well as reduced fuse igniter costs.

Driver State Sensor

The Seeing Machines DSS is a robust, automatic sensor platform that uses cutting edge face tracking techniques to deliver information on operator fatigue and operator distraction. The DSS has been specifically designed for straightforward deployment into vehicles & environments where fatigue and inattention need to be monitored and managed.

IS Power Supply & IS UPS

The IS-PSU is an Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Unit. This power supply is suitable to supply items in hazardous areas with various DC IS power. The IS UPS includes overload protection and isolates the Load from the power supply when an overload occurs.

Trapped Miner Locator

The Trapped Miner Locator, developed by Selectronic of Germany, has recently been upgraded and now offers an increased range of up to 30 metres through rock. “This development was in direct response to South African mining conditions, and the unit has also been equipped with a different size antenna to that used overseas to accommodate the low seam mining operation in this country,”

Keywords: Collision Warning System, Mining Industry,