Bomgar Installation and Configuration Services

By: Bomgar  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security

Accelerate Time To Value for Remote Support

Bomgar's Installation and Configuration Services help drive efficiency, productivity, security and faster return on investment from your Bomgar solution. Our Bomgar certified installation consultants will assist in each phase of a successful installation-from initial assessment, to security, configuration and an audit to accelerate the time to value of your remote support solution.

Whether performed on-site or remotely, our installation and configuration experts work directly with your team to define and configure the Bomgar solution quickly and without interrupting your business operations. This expert service also assures optimum, secure performance of the Bomgar solution in your environment.

Full Range of Installation & Configuration Solutions

Bomgar offers a range of solutions to ensure you gain the most efficiency and fastest return on investment in your Bomgar solution. Your Bomgar account executive will work with you to find the best package for your unique company business needs.

Installation and Configuration Service Can Include:

  • Support Network Assessment
  • Installation, Configuration and Security Controls
  • Failover Setup and Automatic Back-up
  • Configuration with existing Security Authentication
  • Support Team Configuration
  • Public Support Portal Branding
  • Performance Data Collection
  • E-mail Notification
  • Customized Operations Manual

Benefits of Bomgar Installation and Configuration Services:

  • Maximizes workflows and achieve best practices for remote IT support, with a focus on team structure, security policy and customer service
  • Optimizes Bomgar solution configurations to meet rigorous security requirements
  • Speeds and enhances return on investment from the Bomgar remote support platform
  • Frees your internal staff to focus on other pressing initiatives
  • Demonstrates how your Bomgar solution works and how to maintain an optimum, secure configuration

Keywords: Security