Bole Mushrooms

By: Bole  11-11-2011
Keywords: Boxes, Plastic Bags, Mushrooms

The boletus edulis mushrooms are named according to the country of origin i.e. Ceps in France, King Boletus in North America, Porcini in Italy, Steinpilz in Germany and the Penny Bun in the U.K.

Boletus edulis mushrooms are spontaneous and in South Africa only occur in pine and oak plantations. Crops depend on climatic conditions and are restricted to the rainy season (Sept to May). They are limited to short periods of growth.In comparison with the rest of the world, the quality of the African boletus edulis is superior and is highly sought after on the overseas market.

The mushrooms are exported in the following forms:

1. Fresh in three grades packed in handmade wooden boxes.

No.1 - 3,5 Kg Nett  cork size
No.2 - 3,0 Kg Nett  up to 10cm in length 
No.3 - 2,5 Kg Nett  light green beard

  • The boxes are 40,5x30x11cm
  • Boxes are strapped together in bundles of two.
  • Prima Fruit, our agent in Johannesburg exports our fresh produce all around the world.

2. I.Q.F. liquid nitrogen frozen, graded in 5 different selections

No.1 - Frozen whole cork size – 5,0 Kg Nett
No.2 - Frozen whole up to 10cm in length – 5,0 Kg Nett
No.4 - Frozen Slices – 4,0 Kg Nett
No.5 - Frozen cubes – 5,0 Kg Nett
No.6 - More mature frozen slices – 4,0 Kg Nett

  • Mushrooms are placed in plastic bags, thermo sealed and then packed into cardboard boxes.
  • The closed boxes are 40x28,5x19,5cm
  • A completed pallet contains 110 boxes

3. Cooked and preserved in brine in 2 different selections.

A Grade – Younger mushroom – 175 Kg Nett.
B Grade – More mature mushroom – 175 Kg Nett.

  • Mushrooms are placed in plastic bags and brine is added.
  • The bag is sealed then placed into 210 Litre sealed black plastic drums.

4. Pickled

Mushrooms are pickled then packed in 350ml jars.
The jars are pasteurised.

5. Dehydrated graded in different selections.

A Grade – Very white mature mushrooms – 5,0 Kg Nett
B Grade – Slightly darker coloured mushrooms – 5,0 Kg Nett
C Grade  - Dark and large crumbs – 5,0 Kg Nett

  • Bulk packaging – Mushrooms are packed in large plastic bags and then cardboard boxes
  • The boxes are 68x40x50cm
  • Retail Packaging – mushrooms are vacuum packed in 200g clear packet or 20g labelled containers, ready for display.

Keywords: Boxes, Mushrooms, Plastic Bags