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By: Blown Fibre  11-11-2011

The Customer Connection Point (CCP) is a compact, multi-functional wall-mounted closure that forms the final part of our Fibre-to-the-Home solution. The CCP can accept microducts of between 3mm and 8mm in diameter. The fibre outlets are either two SC connectors or two duplex (double) LC connectors. Customers can choose to have the fibres mechanically spliced or fusion spliced. For connector protection, an optional connector guard is supplied with every kit. Each kit includes a set of endplates to suit different microduct sizes, as well as screws and fasteners. Features and benefits - Attractive slim design - Multi-functionality - Cost-effective solution - Ease of installation Specifications Height: 150mm (without connector guard) 180mm (with connector guard) Width: 100mm Depth: 20mm Weight: 115g

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Breeze Blowhead | Blownfibre

The pushing force can be limited to suit the cable stiffness, and the speed control is fully adjustable between zero and maximum. A special tool kit is also available which contains specific items for a rapid install by the field engineer. The compliant double-driven cable rollers provide secure grip while safely handling the cable. The Breeze Cable Blowing Machine has been designed for the installation of micro cables.


3A In-Line Closure | Blownfibre

The in-line closure 3A is the environmentally sealed closure for tube management in the outside plant network. Features - 2 ports at one side, 4 at the other - IP 68 rated - Suitable for repair and branching applications. A metal basket houses tube bundle attachment brackets. The product is a cold applied re-usable closure system. Tube bundle diameter range 7 – 40mm.