Samil, Samag, Sakom & Magirus Truck Spares

By: Black & White  11-11-2011

We aim to supply every spare part for these trucks, from a single wheel nut to a complete axle, from a clutch slave cylinder kit to a crown wheel & pinion, whatever is required. We offer a prompt service at competitive prices and invite you to request a quotation from us.

To reduce vehicle down-time we offer a "Service Exchange Program" on all major components for the following trucks. See services for further details.

Make/ModelDriveEngineCab Type
Magirus 232D164x2Deutz F8L413Normal Control
Magirus 232D266x6Deutz F8L413Normal Control
Sakom 504x2Deutz F6L913Fwd. Control
Sakom 1206x4Deutz F8L413Normal Control
Samag 704x2ADE352TNormal Control
Samag 1206x4ADE407Normal Control
Samag 130F124x2ADE352Fwd. Control
Samag 280F266X4ADE407TFwd. Control
Samag 168-164x2ADE352TNormal Control
Samag 280-266x4ADE407TNormal Control
Samil 204x4Deutz F6L913Fwd. Control
Samil 20 Mk24x4ADE352Fwd. Control
Samil 504x4Deutz F6L413FNormal Control
Samil 50 Mk24x4ADE409Normal Control
Samil 1006x6Deutz F10L413FNormal Control

Note that this is not an exhaustive list and that other Magirus and Samag models were produced which are not listed above