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By: Black Alsatian  11-11-2011

With the open source community booming, there are literally hundreds of real estate components to choose from. With the state of the property market it is not always viable for an

estate agency

to pay the cost of having a

property porta

l coded from scratch.

There are so many open source property portals available though, that there is absolutley no need for this tremendous outlay anyway. I can find the best solution for you. I have my favourites and all of them are highly configurable.

It is now

possible fo

r even the

independent real estate agent

to have a property portal which competes with the top agencies in the world. In conjunction with our

packages, you can really give them a run for their money!

A lot of these

real estate systems

also plugs right into my

which allows for a state of the art property portal at a fraction of the price. Keep your clients up to date with news feeds from international property sites with RSS.

me for an obligation free quote.

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