Benchtop Centrifuge - Allegra X-14

By: Bioresearch Online  11-11-2011

Introducing the new Allegra X-14 Series. At 120 volts, it's a great alternative to the higher voltage Allegra X-15R. This benchtop centrifuge is convenient, hardworking, reliable, and will speed up your process, cycle after cycle.

Available in refrigerated and constant-controlled temperature models, the X-14 Series offers BioCertified features for security from contamination; ARIES Smart Balance Rotor System for faster setup and run times; and a versatile rotor for accommodating tubes, bottles, and microplates. The robust cooling system of our refrigerated model reduces wait time and shortens run cycles.

North America Only

Some Key Applications Include:

Filtration and Concentration

  • 3 mL and larger centrifugal devices
  • At maximum speed in your swinging bucket rotor

Fast & Slow Blood Component Spins

Microbial Cell Harvesting

  • Up to 3 liters
  • In just 14 minutes

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