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By: Biogaspro  11-11-2011
Keywords: grey water, Food Waste

The BiogasPro can be used in a range of applications: as part of a wastewater treatment system, as a dedicated waste stream processor, or as a combination of these.  The fundamental rule is, the more you put in, the more energy and fertilizer you get out. So, we promote the concept of co-digestion where the BiogasPro is used to treat different wastes at the same time, which means better value for money.  And, this means a happier biology within the digester, which means a more stable and reliable biogas and fertiliser output. Better, generally!

We have case studies available for download reflecting the different applications of the BiogasPro. Follow this link.

For larger systems engineering, design and consultancy, please visit AGAMA Biogas.

Urban Environment

The use of biogas in the urban environment is slowly becoming acknowledged by municipal officials as a viable and useful option.  We have thus far installed a few systems with municipal planning approval, and we anticipate that with an increasing number of reference projects this hurdle will diminish.  The cheapest and simplest application is to connect the overflow of your digester to the sewer.  If you are in an area where an underground soakaway (also called a French drain) is allowed then you can overflow into that.  If your systems has sewage going into it and you cannot do either of these two things, then you will have to install an additional (aerobic) component.  To avoid this latter option but still retain access to the valuable nutrients in the slurry leaving the digester, you can connect your grey water and food waste to the digester and overflow directly to you garden/lawn.


Typically, a smallholding or farm environment is very well suited to using an onsite biogas digester.  The typical application would be that the overflow is directed to the underground soakaway (French drain).  We often find that there is an existing septic tank + soakaway on the site, with the septic tank needing refurbishment or that our customers have identified that the BiogasPro is a better solution for them.  In this instance, we often install the BiogasPro upstream of the septic tank, and then overflow to that thus achieving long retention times and excellent biodegradation.

Tourist Acommodation

Tourism venues will usually fall into either the urban or farm environments.  Please refer to the relevant notes above as it pertains to your situation.


Restaurants are usually urban; canteens are usually found at institutions which can be located in commercial, industrial or tourist accommodation environments.  Depending on the amount of food waste available more than one BiogasPro may be specified.  It is important to note that the installation at larger facilities is usually more complex, and will always (for example) require that a grease trap be installed.  Co-digestion of food wastes with sewage is also a viable option (for more information on what some of the downstream options read 'Urban Environment' above).

Rural Household

For rural households the viability of biogas digesters as a source of clean energy and fertilizer for food security is clear.  AGAMA Energy undertook the South African National Rural Domestic Biogas Feasibility Assessment in 2007, which indicated a potential for over 300,000 rural biogas digesters in the country.  The BiogasPro has been designed specifically with the key operational and performance parameters for rural households in mind.  The primary issue is affordability for any rural infrastructure service (such as biogas systems) so this information here is specifically targeted at government institutions that are much needed to facilitate and subsidize the rollout of these systems.  At the same time, the Department of Energy has initiated a visionary, long-term Working for Energy Programme (along the lines of the Working for Water Programme) with rural household biogas systems being one of the key elements of this initiative.

Keywords: Food Waste, grey water

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It is a cost effective solution to many waste management problems, and it has a range of applications: from sewage waste water treatment to codigestion of different substrates including food waste, manures, grasses and garden wastes. Our personnel have been designing and implementing biogas systems for even longer, with the first digester in rural KwaZulu-Natal still operating perfectly today, without any maintenance needs or problems.