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By: Bilt Surf  11-11-2011

A hybrid is, by definition, a combination of more than one style of board. The Bilt hybrids take elements of paddle, stability and wave catching characteristics from the standard longboard and combine them with the maneuverability and responsiveness of a modern-day shortboard.

The point of a hybrid is to be a user-friendly surfboard that helps you to catch waves at ease and gives you maximum return for your efforts in the water. Bilt have a range of hybrid boars to suit the size, shape and competency level of any surfer.

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Surfboard Production

In order for Bilt shaper Elton Fursman to stay ahead of the pack in the fast-moving and dynamic fields of board design and materials evolution, Elton travels the world attending World Tour events, working with international shapers. He has been sweating it out in the shaping bay for over sixteen years now and the hard work is paying massive dividends as the riders using his boards are winning major events the world over.