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By: Biblionef  11-11-2011
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Biblionef visit to Bereaville Community Library

On the 1st of July Jean Williams and five members of Biblionef’s Staff accompanied by Mr. Johaan Pienaar a representative of the Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund visited Bereaville Community Library in the Western Cape. The visit was undertaken to present the Community Library with a generous collection of new books funded by the Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund.

Bereaville is a small village next to Genadendal outside Caledon in the Theewaterskloof Municipality. The community library was started by a past Principal of Berea Primary school to serve the 2000 member community of Bereaville and the surrounding farms.

The Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund generously granted Biblionef R39,858.50 on the 16th of June 2011 to give resources to the library such as new books for the children.

With the money the Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund granted, Biblionef was able to provide a set of children’s encyclopedias, Afrikaans storybooks, non fiction and reference books. Also provided were 30 sturdy chairs to be used in the library. This was one of the biggest requests as children are quite hard on this kind of furniture.

Biblionef’s visit to the library with a representative of Sabinet Online was made to hand over the books to members of the library committee, the volunteer librarian and some of the children who use the library.

We were all given a very warm welcome by Mrs. Angora van Doorn and some of her colleagues. She gave an explanation of what the library is achieving and what they would like to achieve.

There was a great deal of excitement among the children who had heard new books were being brought from Cape Town.

Jean Williams spoke to the children and showed the books that we had brought with us. She explained the importance of the library to them and how the books could help them. She used a number of individual books to illustrate her points.

Whilst there, the Biblionef Staff members gave assistance to Mrs. Junie and Mrs Angora van Doorn in helping them sort out some of their current book stock to make room for the new books Sabinet Online had paid for.

Before leaving the children sang a selection of songs to entertain us.

Those present were then invited to a lovely lunch made by some of the villages’ residents.

It was clear that the books Biblionef and the Sabinet Chairpersons Fund had given to the Bereaville Community Library would be well used by the children and adults of Bereaville.


Special books for the Visually Impaired. 

Biblionef has just completed a very important project with the Department of Arts and Culture and the Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland to produce Tactile books for children with a visual impairment. Over the period of the project we have produced 620 copies of a wide variety of titles that will be of immense value to teach young children to help understand the world around them and give them the first stories they can read with their fingers.

The launch of special material for the Visually Impaired took place on the 29 March. Representatives from 14 of the 21 Schools for the Blind, that Biblionef have helped before, attended as well as a representative from the Department of Arts and Culture. Each school received various Tactile books, Braille and Large Print books, including ‘The Long walk to Freedom’ (in both Braille and Large Print) which was printed with funds from Dutch Funders via Biblionef in the Netherlands.


Prolonging the Life of Biblionef's books

Biblionef has taken the decision to include as part of our projects that we cover the books we donate in book plastic. This helps to prolong the life of the books. The book plastic protects the original cover of the book and can be cleaned if dirty. In the past we sent book plastic with the donations of books but have since found that the Staff at schools and other organisations do not have the expertise to cover the books nor can they take the time from their over full schedules to do the job.

Biblionef now gives unemployed people, here in Cape Town at our offices, the opportunity to learn how to do this and it gives them the chance to earn some money. This process is very labour intensive but however has a great benefit to the schools we help.


40 Schools win the LOTTO..

The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund has funded Biblionef to assist 40 schools in 4 Provinces. This project has been divided into 2 parts; the first is giving 36 schools (9 in each province) 400 books as well as shelving or book cupboards, according to their individual needs.

The second part is helping 4 schools (1 in each province) with a “Start up School Library”, they will receive 1400 books including Storybooks, Factual books and Reference books as well as the shelving, furniture and other library equipment. The pre-visits and assessments of all the schools selected have taken place. Project Assistants will now help all the schools set up their book areas and offer training and advice on how to use and manage the books. 40 000 children will be directly influenced by having access to the storybooks and to the libraries provided with these funds.


Keywords: Books, Schools