By: Bethany Home  11-11-2011

White House B&B
On the 15th of October White House B&B came to Bethany to Host a party. All the children had such a fantastic day. White House brought along a bouncy castle and treats for the children to enjoy. The day was enjoyed by everyone in Bethany. Thank you and God Bless.              

Farwell to J ess

Jess Hamer left Bethany on the 10th August 2011 after being with us for a year. She was a great asset and will be greatly missed by all the children and the staff. Jess will have a lasting effect on Bethany as a whole and we are so thankful for all she has given us. We love you.
Ludwe Leve / from Shoreline Beverages
Ludwe Leve came to celebrate his birthday with our children on the 13th August 2011. We, as Bethany Home, are happy to say thank you and God Bless


Happy Birthday Tata Madiba!
We had a fantastic day, on the 18th of July, when so many kind people decided to visit us for their '67 minutes for Madiba.' Among the visitors were: Department of Education, Lovelife, Bosasa, Hospice Associaton of Transkei, Nedbank, Isibindi, The Anglican Diocesean Choir, Department of Health and many more individuals and groups. All the children had a fantastic day playing, dancing, singing and enjoying the company of different people. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this day a special one.

Garden Court Staff from Garden Court came ot visit us and our children, and donated blankets to us, we would like to thank them for this generous gift, and you can be assured that they will come in very useful in the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment!

Chaelena's Farewell On the 20th of June, we said “Hamba Kakuhle” to another of our volunteers.  We had a special braai and party to see her off with, we are all sad to see her leave us, but the time she has been here has been fantastic, and we all here want to say a big thank-you for everything she has done for our kids

Maqhinebeni for Youth Day

On Youth Day, we went with 10 children to an event held at St. Johns Apostilistic Church, Maqhinebeni.  It was a great day commemorating the Soweto Uprisings, and the children as always enjoyed the outing, and performing in front of different people.  Thank you to Maqhinebeni/Cezu Community for inviting us along – we had a lovely time! 

Blankets from LegalwiseWe were very lucky last week (13th June), as Legalwise came to donate lovely warm blankets to our children.  We are so grateful for them, as the weather is now getting cold, - thank you!

Anna's Farewell
We had to say goodbye to one of our volunteers Anna on the 9th of June. Everyone was sad to see her go, and her work here was invaluable to the children.  We held a party for her which we all had a great time at, and we will all miss her alot!

Mzomthsha Event

We were invited to an event hosted by The Department of Social Development held at Mzomthsa children’s home.  10 pre-school children attended the event and had a great day singing and performing, and watching other groups of children performing too. 

New Preschool

Thanks to the community of Cottonwood, Idaho, USA, (especially to our volunteer Chaelena’s family) who fundraised money for us here at Bethany Home, our pre-school has a completely new face.  It has been repainted, we have new furniture, and new equipment for the children to use.  It is a fantastic place to learn and teach in, a precious donation to our children.  We had a great day to celebrate it’s opening, at easter time, with face-painting, easter-egg hunts, pizza, sweets, stories and crafts.

Black Dragons

The Black Dragaons, our local motor-biking group, visited us here, and organised a great easter-egg hunt for all of the children.  Thank you so much for your support, and for spending time with our children, we all appreciate it so much!  All the children were excited to see the bikes too!
Holy Angels Private SchoolAt the end of March, Holy Angels Private School visited us for a day.  We had a great time together playing football, singing, dancing, and watching performances by their students.  They also very kindly donated food and clothes to our children - many thanks to all staff and students.

Christian Life Centre
Much thanks to the Christian Life Centre and their youth - ignite - for the generous donation they made for our children.