QUAD-Fit Stockists

By: Benross Golf  11-11-2011


Benross, since its inception, has recognised and invested in the benefits of Custom Fitting, meaning golfers can fulfill their maximum potential with clubs suited to them and their style of play.  2011 sees Benross taking a giant step up to becoming a Custom Fitting market leader. 100 UK Custom Fit Centres and retailers have been selected to become QUAD Fit Stockists.

The QUAD Fit System incorporates the very latest CLUB-CONEXTM interlocking system, which enables golfers to try shaft and head alternatives within seconds thanks to the ease of simply twisting an interlocking wrench. Each of the 100 centre’s will be equipped with a QUAD Fit Bag, containing 10 club heads and 6 shaft options all of which can be interchanged within seconds. No other brand at the Benross price point offer this service or technology. “Benross are investing in helping golfers play better and score lower”, says Jon Everitt the man at the helm of Benross. “A state of the art Custom Fit CLUB-CONEXTM system aids this process, custom fitting is the highest single factor in reducing a golfers handicap after taking a series of lessons” reiterates the Benross CEO.

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QUAD Technology Driver

Grafalloy’s integrated Smart-Ply and Micro Mesh technology tip section allows engineers to tune the Axis Blue to maximise club head stability and control spin to maximise carry distance for the softer hitting golfer. A popular 460cc traditional round head shape, is teamed with a wide modern footprint, exaggerating a low centre of gravity, which ultimately translates into high, powerful, long carrying and accurate drives.