By: Bennie Dekker  11-11-2011
Keywords: piano, Tuning


Renting Scheme for Beginners

Piano Rentals

We rent out Upright and Grand pianos for all types of events. We will deliver and collect the piano at your venue. Please contact us for more information.

Moving of Pianos

A Piano is a very delicate instrument and needs extra care when moving, here at Bennie Dekker Klavier Sentrum, we have all the right tools to ensure your piano reaches its new destination unharmed. As an extra precaution, your piano is fully insured while in our care.

Piano Repairs

Bennie Dekker has been in the Piano business for close to 50 years and has repaired many pianos. Piano repairs include replacement and fixing of all warn or broken parts to make the piano playable. All piano repairs need to be expertly completed before tuning or piano regulation can be done. Some minor repairs can be done on site and for major repairs we have a workshop located in Pretoria.

Cabinet Restoration

Restoration is the fine art of refurbishing aged, worn-out traditional acoustic pianos to their former glory by repairing or replacing broken or damaged parts with the original parts or parts of similar quality.

We have a wide range of new and second hand pianos, if you are interested in buying or selling your piano give us a call.

Piano importer

Bennie Dekker Klavier Sentrum is the sole importer for Dietman Pianos in Southern Africa.

Keywords: piano, Tuning