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By: Benco Boardgames  11-11-2011
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Ben Louw
Benco Boardgames Online
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New Board Game Gets Players Into The Heads Of Their Favourite Love-To-Hate-Them Dictators

Pretoria, South Africa, 21 October 2002 — Benco Boardgames Online today announce the availability of their new board game. Called Banana Republic, it is based on the shenanigans of the political leaders – and “wannabee” leaders – in a small country “somewhere…”, called, of course, Banana Republic.This new, tongue-in-cheek board game, suitable for 3 to 6 players of ages 12 and older (and certainly including adults) positions each player as the Rebel Leader of a province in Banana Republic. To win elections, players have to win voters through lavish Public Works projects. To withstand and mount Armed Challenges, they must recruit soldiers and arm them. The aim of a player is to, firstly, become President of the country and then, by cementing his/her position, becoming President For Life.

Mr Ben Louw, owner of Benco, allays fears that Banana Republicis based on any specific country: “The concept of a Banana Republic is universally accepted to refer to non-democratic, chaotic regimes, but elements of the Banana Republic can easily be found in the more established democracies, from France’s bureaucrats’ mistresses-in-power to questionable voting in the last U.S. elections,” he says. “It’s all about that old truism that power corrupts, and the board game pokes some fun at that, especially with the so-called Monkey Puzzle Cards, where players are presented with politically tempestuous scenarios and have to finesse their way through them.”

Benco Boardgames Online was formed by Ben Louw solely to publish self-designed board games. Banana Republic is the company’s first venture to reach the market. Mr Louw, a quadriplegic, made numerous attempts to have his games published by established game and toy manufacturers. “All my attempts were unsuccessful,” he says. “Established companies are reluctant to take chances on new and unproven toys and games.” He then decided to form Benco Boardgames. “I wanted to utilise the latest printing and publishing technologies, including the e-commerce possibilities afforded by the World Wide Web, to bring my games to market,” he says. “Selling directly to the public using the Web also cuts out several middlemen, simplifying the marketing and retail processes and making the products affordable.”  One of his aims is also to collect funds for the Quadriplegic Association, a community sorely in need of funds. A percentage of each item sold will therefore be donated to the Association. Louw promises that, if the current venture is a success, more of his company’s humorous games will become available.

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Keywords: board game