Belkin 19-inch Widescreen Rack Console - in widescreen rackmount console

By: Belkin  11-11-2011
Keywords: Kvm Switch

Slim Design. Knockout Performance.

With an innovative design, the compact, full-featured Belkin 19-inch Widescreen Rack Console simplifies IT tasks and improves the user experience from installation to daily use.

Improves Efficiency and Productivity

  • Wide viewing area - helps IT administrators perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as:
    • Viewing multiple applications or documents at once
    • Servicing multiple virtual servers
    • Using applications that require a large viewing space

Simplifies Access and Use

  • User-friendly interface & trigger-less rails - work together to simplify IT tasks
  • Easy-to-grip handle - designed to fit anyone, provides seamless access.

Saves Valuable Rack Space

  • Compact design - accommodates a keyboard, touchpad, widescreen monitor and KVM switch within a 1U rack.

Installs Easily

  • Screwless mounting design, adjustable rails and lighter, slimmer build - make it fast and simple to install. The product install in a fraction of the time and effort as other rackmount consoles.
  • Compatible with multiple cabinet and system configurations


Hot Keys
Hot-key functionality allows you to select a desired port using designated key commands. By using a simple hot-key sequence on your keyboard, you can select one server from as many as 256 servers, instantaneously.

The AutoScan feature allows you to set your Rack-Mount Console to scan and monitor the activities of all connected servers, one by one. The time interval allotted for each server can be adjusted through the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu.

Video Resolution
The Rack-Mount Console supports video resolutions of up to 1440x900.

Allows you to specify user names and passwords to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the OSD and KVM Switch.

Dedicated Daisy-Chain Port
Up to 16 KVM switches can be daisy-chained together using dedicated ports, so you can easily expand your KVM configuration as your server environment grows.

On-Screen Display (OSD)
The OSD feature simplifies server management by allowing you to assign individual names to each connected server throughout the system. It provides a visual means of switching between servers and assigning the hot-key scheme. The OSD can also be set up to support regional languages.

Keywords: Kvm Switch