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                                    Being Human Detox Centre                                               Cost of Services and Products:
Consultation -- 1 hour    R450 (+ R50 per add. Adult) Students free- It is advisable to bring whole family

Life Coaching/ Telephone consultation 1 hour                                R450                                                            : R390 first treatment without prior consultation thereafter R290 every single treatment.
Colon Therapy (garlic/herbal infusion)                                                R330 single treatmentLymph Drainage Massage Treatment                                                     R290 ‘’ book:                                                                                      R190 (R220 incl. postage) (1.2ltr) and Psyllium Husk (200g):                           R330 (R370 incl. postage) Stainless steel tongue cleaner:                                                                   R50Natural fibre skin brush:                                                                              R150  One day detox retreat- Includes the following: Live blood analysis/ consultation, dietary and lifestyle advise, 5 detox drinks, fresh squeeze fruit & vegetable juices, morning + 2nd afternoon herbal colonic to kill parasites and worms, half an hour in the far infra red detoxification sauna and deep tissue accupressure and lymph drainage massage- Although this is a very rejuvenating and relaxing experience, it is certainly not superficial, glitzy spa powder puff stuff. We are results driven and after we discuss your particular condition and reason for visiting us, we strive to deliver in value and treatment to help you reach your objective. You will certainly feel lighter, internally cleaner, happier and rejuvenated on a cellular level. Arrive around 8:30am and finish approx 3pm
Normal value R1800-00- currently on a special price for only R1200-00 (please note- no over night stay)Also available- Fresh squeezed fruit/vegetable juice, smoothies, nut milk drinks - R25. Wheat grass shot – R10,
We are agents for the best range of Juicers, Blending Machines etc.Seven day stay in Detox Retreat•    Daily colonic treatments
•    Daily lymph drainage massage
•    Essential physical exercise/breathing techniques
•    Daily life coaching - Stress management, emotional balance, spiritual quest, personal    challenges.  
•    5 Detox drinks per day to cleanse your 20 litres of Biochemical (blood and lymph fluid)
•    Garlic/herbal colonic on 5th, 6th and 7th day to kill intestinal worms and parasites
•    Liver Detox on the 5th night - at discretion of Therapist
•    Daily fruit juices, vegetable juice, nut drink, wheat grass juice, herb teas and filtered water
•    Alpha Head Massage/ Relaxation techniques/ Reiki Treatments You are required to: •    Rest as much as possible
•    Write down your contemplations in a blank hard cover note book provided or in your own spiritual journal if you have one (please bring along).
•    Carry sleep clothes and comfortable casual clothes. (No need for huge luggage at all)   
•    No music, makeup, perfume or jewellery. Please leave them at homeThe seven day retreat is not just a deep and highly effective physical detoxification process, but an excellent opportunity to detox the mental and emotional self. It is very evident during this retreat that when your body unburdens itself of toxic waste, it’s gets easier to deal with mental and emotional baggage. After all it is the same acidic biochemical that can feed the toe with gout that feeds the brain which is involved in creating your thoughts, which produce subsequent emotions.

Simply put, when your body is unwell and in pain, it agitates your mind and emotions which further makes your body feel worse. It becomes a vicious cycle, which we break with our vast experience over the last 15 years

The 1st floor of our residence is used for treatments. We have comfortable rooms but we are not a glitzy, glamour spa. We are basic, clean, friendly, caring, committed, and results driven. Our focus is to bring back the life into your living from a cellular level. Hence we make new bodies for people to live in. The cost of the 7 day/6 night treatment is R13 800, paid in advance. Pick up and drop off at airport is an additional R500.
Although the 7 day is the recommended basic treatment, costs can be tailored for variations in the package for longer or shorter periods of detoxification.Please phone/email The Being Human Detox Centre for any further queries:  +27 31 266 2322 - +2783 523 8578 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -

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