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By: Beeware  11-11-2011
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Our equipment is designed by a beekeeper and is of high quality. Feel free to request products not on our list here to be made available..

Price increase after no longer being able to hold cost increases at bay.

Trading times changed!! Please Note!

We are now open during the week from 10h00 until 16h30 but please call before you come!

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Full complete Langstroth bee hive with:

starter strips
frames with wire
aluminium lid cover
Super & brood boxes
inner cover
lid & base
Ready for Bees
by credit card R650 excl P+P

25 frames with wire
Food grade plastic hive
Entrance and smoker hole at back
Designed to be suspended or lie flat on raised floor (bricks)
Reinforced corners
Ready for Bees R740 excl P+P NOW!

A simple but useful
piece of equipment. This is a spring steel,
yellow coated hive tool. Used to open
hives that have been propolised together.

Also useful to cut comb, dislodge wax moth larvae,
lift frames & loosen propolised frames. R70 each

The Smoker is now R360 excl P+P each.

All manner of Bee suits

Full Bee Suits with veil - the Bee Ware favourite has a chest zip, veil with zip, wrist and ankle bands and zips on the ankles. These are the Rolls Royce of protective gear for beekeepers. From R650 each s,m & l 10% additional per size from XL to XXXL

Whenever you purchase a complete bee suit you should consider one size larger than you usually would wear as you will be wearing jeans and a thick cotton shirt underneath the bee suit once you begin working with the bees. If it is cold at night you may also like to wear a jacket/jersey under the bee suit and need the space to do so.

It also allows there to be space between you and the material as the bees will sting the bee suit on occasion.

**We have had to increase our prices on bee suits and protective clothing for beekeepers due to the increase in cotton prices worldwide. Please note the new prices below! **

Bee suit prices excl. postage

Size: Large

Size: XL

Size: XXL

Size: 3XL

Small man/ woman

Average man 80Kg

1.8m + 90kg

Tall + 100kg

Veil included & detachable

Veil included & detachable

Veil included & detachable

Veil included & detachable

Price: R670

Price: R700

Price: R725

Price: R760

Gloves are not included in the purchase price with a bee suit or bee jacket.
Bee gloves are an additional R80 a pair and come in either leather or red PVC.

All prices quoted exclude delivery, duties or VAT.

Bee Gloves with material arms

Our leather bee gloves are R80 and our red PVC (adjascent) are R80 a pair.

Keywords: Ankle Bands, Frames, Hives, Protective Clothing, Protective Gear, Veil

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Beekeeping Suits, bee jackets & bee veils

Here be the place where you can buy bee overalls, bee suits with veils, veils only, bee jackets, pvc & leather gloves and more.. Different people in the industry have different preferences when it comes to equipment and clothing. These are the Rolls Royce of protective gear for beekeepers. You only need a veil and an overall - that works.