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By: Beagle Watch  11-11-2011
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Home robberies have increased significantly this year in Gauteng. For those of you who read the Saturday Star on the 19 March 2011, the situation in the Honeydew and Randburg policing areas is out of control. Of greater concern to Beagle Watch is the increase in these types of robberies in the greater Northcliff area. This is a worrying development which is being tackled head on by the Beagle Watch team. This type of crime is very difficult to combat but we have a comprehensive action plan detailed herein which we believe will prevent you from becoming a victim.We have made a number of arrests in the past month but the gangs appear to be splintering and forming new gangs. Fortunately to date little violence has been reported during these crimes.


The police, security companies and the public all have important roles to play in ensuring our area is crime free. The Fairland Police and Beagle Watch have committed to a joint, long-term crime fighting strategy in the Fairland, Northcliff, Berario and Blackheath areas.At the recent opening of the Fairland SAPS Trauma centre Sup Moichela thanked Beagle Watch for their commitment in fighting crime in the area. To this end, meetings are held every Wednesday between ourselves and the Fairland SAPS. You will have noticed the extra visibility from our Crime Prevention trucks as well as the road blocks with the SAPS.

September 2009


We are experiencing an unprecedented increase in house, business and other robberies involving the use of firearms.

Every home has vulnerabilities; these are when your gate is opened to allow you to enter or leave the premises, when welcoming or seeing off visitors, when domestic workers come and go, when giving access for deliveries, repairmen, garden services etc.

Types of criminals:

It is a fact that there are both well-organised gangs and opportunist criminals operating in the area. In many cases, they have inside information whilst in others, they merely capitalise on opportunities that arise. The criminals range from sophisticated syndicates who do not want to harm anyone – they merely want to take what they came for, to those who are callous, violent criminals; the problem is however, that one never knows which type you are dealing with when faced by them.

The most important things to remember if faced by an armed criminal are:· Stay calm and handover anything they want without hesitation.
· Try to avoid eye contact and never try and attack them.


At Beagle Watch we are particularly concerned about the unacceptable level of violent crime in our area and would like to warn everyone to be extra vigilant when entering and leaving your premises. Importantly, please warn domestic workers to be vigilant when coming and going as they often fall victim as they commute on foot. In addition, please ensure that your domestic workers have panic buttons and they wear these, especially when entering and leaving premises.

Please make sure your entrances are unobstructed by vegetation, well lit so that you have a clear view of the entrance to your property.

Be pro active:

It is a fact that some domestics assist criminals whilst others inadvertently make mention of sensitive issues about their places of work. In order to assist in investigations and to act as a deterrent, please ensure that you have copies of all your domestic staff (part time gardeners included) Identity Document, home address and a clear photograph of each on record in a secure place.

Our counter measures:

Owing to the fact that our responses are very fast, we have numerous incidences where our reaction officers come face to face with armed criminals. Whilst we too would like to rid society of this scourge, we are particularly mindful that entering into a fire fight with armed criminals in a residential area or shopping centre exposes innocent people to the risk of death or danger. Under the circumstances, please inform all family members, visitors or customers to lie down in the event of the armed response officer arriving on the scene when the criminals are still on site.

In order to deal effectively with armed criminals we are considering deploying two armed reaction officers per vehicle. Whilst we understand the cost implications of this, we are mindful that it is our responsibility to ensure the appropriate response to violent criminals. 

Last week we increased the size of our fleet and included two unmarked vehicles. These vehicles will be used for undercover surveillance and proactive patrols. If you have a response from an unmarked vehicle please be assured the reaction officers will be in full uniform, carry Beagle Watch Identity and will be armed. Should you wish to check the authenticity please call the control room on 011 678 1972

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance

Keywords: Security Companies

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In addition to the 24-hour control room, each vehicle is fitted with a system enabling your radio signals to be received by the vehicle directly and in so doing, reduce response times. Included in our comprehensive portfolio Beagle Watch will perform extra patrols in the vicinity of your premises whilst your home is unoccupied at no additional charge.