Thermal Blankets |

By: Bamic Enterprises  11-11-2011

Thermal blankets have numerous uses, from preventing frost damage during cold winters to covering loads in temperature controlled environments. Many convenience food operators and restaurant owners use this product to wrap around or cover temperature sensitive goods that need to be protected either from extreme cold or heat. These blankets are particularly effective when used as a division between frozen, chilled and ambient goods travelling in a single load or when such goods are un-palletized and require such protection or separation. When pre-chilled these thermal blankets can also be used to maintain cold temperatures in non-refrigerated vehicles over considerable distances and time spans.

Thermal blankets can also be used around young plants and seedlings as a ground cover to protect against frost in winter and excessive heat in summer.

Other products and services from Bamic Enterprises


Insulated Coffin Covers |

The Polywool® thermal insulation maintains the desired temperature during transportation and the opaque nature of the woven polypropylene ensures the dignity of the corpse is maintained. The Insulated Body Bag is a strong, hygienic and dignified option for the transportation of the deceased over long or short haul journeys.


Insulated Medico Bags |

Used worldwide by multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers, logistics practitioners, medical laboratories, blood banks, retail and wholesale pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners, they are manufactured in 3 convenient sizes to exact specifications using space age thermal technology.


Thermal Air Cargo Cover |

The size and the configuration is somewhat different from the standard pallet cover but the use of Velcro to seal the splits, the materials and the Polywool® are very similar. Where temperature maintenance of sensitive or perishable products on the tarmac and in the air is important, then the Thermally Insulated Air Cargo Cover is the answer.


Thermal Asphalt Duvet Cover |

They have been tested by the Danish Technological Institute, the Swedish National Institute and the UK Department of Roads and meet their stringent requirements. The Thermal Asphalt Duvet cover is a radical step forward in thermal insulation and contributes to the quality and productivity of road construction. The duvet cover protects stock in storage bays and site stockpiles and keeps truckloads of asphalt and bitmac hot during transportation.


Thermal Combi-Tainer |

Is similar in efficacy, efficiency and quality to the 3 Layer Thermal Combi-Box except that it is larger in height and volume and is used in road and air logistics to mainly carry frozen goods over long or short haul routes. It is widely used in the dairy, chicken, fish and meat industries and by anyone who wishes to maintain frozen temperatures during transportation. It fits into outer packaging such as a cardboard carton.