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By: Bali Services  11-11-2011
Keywords: Gardens, Interior Decorating, Decking

  • Maid Service

    We supply a full maid service agreed based on a number of services per week invoiced monthly and can encompass your specific requirements.

    From experience, the frequency of occupancy as well as the number of occupants and location of your property can determine the amount of cleaning required. We can share this and advise you accordingly.

  • Garden Maintenance

    One of the features of Zimbali is its emphasis on indigenous planting and habitat, this on its own brings challenges and unattended properties can quickly become overgrown. Bali Services can maintain your garden keeping nature in check without cutting back on the indigenous planting and maintaining a balance between natural and formal looking gardens as required.

    The estate requires that naturally fallen vegetation remains in beddings and boarders!

  • Pool Servicing

    Residents often under estimate the need for regular pool servicing. Pumps, weirs and filter should all work and act as a water purification system as pools can become a health risk without ongoing servicing. A well maintained pool is a prerequisite for Zimbali life.

  • Decking Maintenance

    The Natal environment gives decks and outdoor timbers a harsh existence and to maintain the luster and appearance of decking and exterior timber, we also have a team that focuses on ensuring decks remain an asset to your home.

  • Garden Landscaping

    Newly built properties often need to have a well considered planting scheme to finish off the appeal of a unit, or a newly acquired unit benefits from an overhaul of the existing landscaping and planting. Bali Services does both of the above using only the prescribed list of indigenous plants as detailed by ZEMA as well a constructing appropriate hard landscaping.

  • Annual Maintenance

    Zimbali offers several challenges around maintenance and general care of properties often driven by the location on the estate.

    For example, having a property in the forest area brings issues around associated with ‘bugs’ and its often a prudent exercise to fumigate annually around spring and to treat decking timbers biannually. Equally, roofs need to be cleaned and gutter and downpipes freed of leafs and small branches to prevent any potential of damp patches developing around roofs and walls. Locations close to the beach or with a strong ‘sea air’ feeling will always have a salt deposit coating, so materials that don't always perform well in this type of environment will need an ongoing treatment plan.

  • Exterior and Interior Decorating

    Bali Services paints interior and exteriors of clients properties as well as damp proofing around certain walls and resealing of flat style roofing.

  • Other Services

    Properties that have been built close to the sea and remain unoccupied for extended periods, apart for Bali Services attending for cleaning, tend to have electrical appliances fail. We can turn on and ‘run cycles’ this is to minimise the potential of appliance failure but does not always prevent it, especially televisions.

    Air Conditioning units if remain on also help prevent this problem but requires a schedule for conditioner maintenance.

    Call outs, when a guest or your family has a problem during your stay, equipment or property we can either directly help solve it or call in a qualified professional, even at weekends subject to availability of service providers being on call.

  • Keywords: Decking, Garden Landscaping, Gardens, Interior Decorating, Pool Servicing