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By: Balenthati  11-11-2011
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To our Clients:

Assessment of Company Culture
It is the philosophy of all recruitment staff to embark on a benchmarking process by spending time with a Client to really understand the company and identify the company’s culture. It is always important to recruit an individual that fits into the company culture, rather than the company having to adapt to the culture of the individual.

Specialist Recruitment Team

Balenthati Recruitment strives to add consistency and structure to the recruitment process. For this reason, it has been the focus of Balenthati Recruitment to appoint staff members that have acquired skills within a specialist area of recruitment.

Quality Candidates

All Candidates are tested before their details are forwarded to our Client for perusal. Extensive Reference checks relating to previous work experience, and if required, ITC, Academic and Criminal Record checks are done. It is the mission of Balenthati Recruitment to always refer the type of Candidate that will not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our Client.

To our Candidates:


Candidates are counselled regarding all aspects of the relevant job specification, and provided with a detailed background of the history and business of the Client, prior to any interview with the Client.


Once the shortlist of selected Candidates is compiled by Balenthati Recruitment, a profile summarizing each selected Candidate’s core competencies and personal attributes is written up, and accompanies each of the Curricula Vitae that are submitted to the Client. The CV format reflects only information about Candidates pertaining to their competency to perform in the required position.


Balenthati Recruitment facilitates the interview between Client and Candidate.

Keywords: recruitment