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By: Bake-a-ton  11-11-2011
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Products Chocolate
(milk, white, dark, caramel, coerverture)
Discs, chips, bars, 5kg slabsSprinkles & Vermicelli
Silver and gold balls, 100s and 1000s Toppings and Fillings
Bar one spread, fruit, caramel spread, ice cream coatings, cherries, hazelnut praline Dried FruitSpicesEssences and FlavoursNutsIced Decorations
Flowers, numerals, kiddies themes etc. Plastic DecorationsFrozen Muffin MixesBakels Premixes
Cake, bread, muffin, roll, rye and gluten free mixesChocolate Moulds
For all occasions
Cake Boxes & Boards Foil Containers Ribbons and Foils Cupcake & Cake Stands Cake Tins Novelty Tin and Cake/Cupcake Stand Hire Baking Tools & Accessories
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Keywords: cake