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By: Bagwele  11-11-2011
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Hunting takes place all year round, although the ideal hunting season is during the months of April through to September, with June, July and August being the most popular months. These are the drier, more temperate months of the year when the bush provides less cover, making the game easier to spot. Hunting can be arranged during the "out of season" months, bearing in mind that the summer heat and rains result in high temperatures and humidity during the months of October through to March. We suggest that these factors be taken into consideration when planning your safari.

The hunting grounds are divided into two privately owned conservancy areas, with a total area of 1,100 hectares (2,700 acres). Due to the nature of rifle hunting, we restrict our rifle hunting to three (3) rifle hunters during any one session (Morning/Evening). This restriction however does not apply to bow hunters hunting from one of our bow blinds or tree stands.

Our Professional Hunters and Trackers ensure that selective hunting is managed to the best interests of the breeding herds. By hunting in harmony with nature's needs we can achieve our aim of conservation through utilisation, ensuring a hunting and wildlife heritage for future generations.

Both these options provide a challenging, exhilarating and exciting hunt where your skills will be tested whilst tracking down or attempting to outsmart your quarry. In our bushveld region, shots typically range from 50 meters (54 yards) to 100 meters (110 yards).

Our Blinds are normally in close proximity to waterhole, ensuring a high success rate during the early morning and the late afternoon, whilst our tree stands are placed strategically along frequently used game paths, or in areas where animals are most likely to be encountered.

In contrast, the winter months of April through to September provide conditions which are suited more too blind and/or tree stand hunting. This is the driest part of the year and animals are dependent on known watering holes.

When planning a Bow hunting safari an important factor, which must be taken into consideration is the phase of the moon. Success rates are greatly diminished during the full or almost full moon phase.

A comfortable and cool Rifle and Bow Range is provided which caters for either the zeroing of your rifle and/or bow.

One of the keys to a successful hunt is accuracy and shot placement. Although the journey to Bagwele Safaris and the Mogwele Game Lodge is not that long rather be safe than sorry. You may only have a single opportunity on a majestic trophy.

Our modern Cold Room and Slaughter Facilities makes for easy handling of carcasses, whether it be dressing, cooling, storing or processing. Trophies can be caped and handed to local taxidermists for tanning or other processing, mounting and shipping.

Keywords: Bow Hunting, Hunting, Hunting Safari