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By: Backshop  11-11-2011
Keywords: dentists, Occupational Health

Back specialists and disability statistics confirm dentists are by profession prone to back ailments and early retirement because of back-related disability. The main reason is working for prolonged hours with a tight time schedule in a forward bent and slouched position on badly designed chairs. However, research in occupational health has come up with some remedies for "the seated man". Dr C Mandal, a Danish orthopaedic surgeon and doyen in ergonomics, describes several solutions in his classic Homo Sedens or The Seated Man. Foremost, his findings encouraged engineers to develop a special seat mechanism: a synchronised forward and backward tilting chair mainly for performing precision work in a forward bent position.

The Back Shop International recommends as proven remedies for the maintenance of a healthy spine the following tools:
(1) The versatile Wellback 500, vinyl cover, spec. rubber lines wheels for tiled floors.
(2) The HAG Saddle Chair, developed in Norway and preferred by dentists and dentistry technicians.
(3) The Natural Orthopaedic Inversion Spine Traction Exerciser - in
(a) plain stretcher configuration, or
(b) armchair configuration.

Inversion Exercises relieve and prevent back pain through general relaxation, spine stretching, toning of sagging abdominal muscles and improving breathing and circulation. They can be used at home or even better in a spare room of your surgery for an all relaxing and refreshing break, despite even a strenuous schedule.

Keywords: dentists, Occupational Health

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