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By: Babybellies  11-11-2011

Ingredients: Apple & Beetroot Juice

The apple is one of the healthiest foods around. Among their many healing abilities, apples control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, are an aid to digestion and whole apple serve as a natural toothbrush. Studies show that people who eat more apples tend to have fewer colds and upper respiratory infections and are generally less sick. It is also good for your babies’ skin and might even promote hair growth. Wean your baby with freshly squeezed apple juice, then pureed apple and at about ten months she’ll enjoy chewing on pieces of peeled apple. At around 18 months, baby will have enough teeth to enjoy the whole apple, thus peel and all!

Beetroot is rich in folic acid and the pigments that give these vegetables their red colour have been identified as potential anti-cancer agents. They are rich in vitamins, fibre and calcium. They can help to combat or relieve anaemia and low blood pressure and is important for proper functioning of the gut. The sweet taste makes it a very popular and healthy choice for baby.