Room Alert Signal Tower

By: Avtech  11-11-2011
Keywords: Alarms, IT Equipment, Enterprise Software

Room Alert Signal Tower integrates easily with any SNMP enabled device on the network. The visual lights can be turned on or off via SNMP Trap or SNMP Set commands. This capability allows the Room Alert Signal Tower to be mounted in a location where the visual lights are highly visible and can be activated by alarms detected by the connected sensors or by other devices remotely across the network.

  • Easy Ethernet 'Plug and Play' setup for immediate monitoring, logging & alerting.
  • Signal Tower lights turn on when alarms are detected (i.e. pings fail, high temperatures, etc.).
  • Turn Signal Tower lights on or off via SNMP Traps, Modbus, URL, API, etc.
  • Includes internal digital temperature sensor and 2 digital sensor ports for connection of additional digital temperature sensors.
  • Includes the ability to Ping up to 8 devices on the network and alarm if they do not respond.
  • Includes 1 open switch sensor channel for connection of an additional external switch sensor such as power, flood, smoke, motion, air flow, room entry, panic buttons or others.
  • Compatible with AVTECH's wall mount & ceiling mount kits for flexible mounting options.
  • Includes PageR Enterprise software for logging sensor data/status, graphing & alerting by all popular methods.
  • Use Room Alert Signal Tower with or without a host system. That's right..No PC Required! This saves money, improves reliability and provides options.

Room Alert Signal Tower
monitors environments like small phone or wiring closets, critical rack cabinets and larger computer rooms or data centers. Since Room Alert Signal Tower is connected via Ethernet and does not require a host PC for operation, it can be located anywhere an Ethernet connection is available. Sensors can be run inside a rack cabinet, air vent, sub floor or other location. Room Alert Signal Tower will help to protect valuable IT equipment and minimize downtime if a disaster does occur.

Protect Your IT Equipment.. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! This Package Includes:- Room Alert Signal Tower ID Box w/Ethernet (Red & Green lenses)
- One (1) built-in digital temperature sensor
- Two (2) external digital temperature sensor ports (front, 2 open)
- One (1) external sensor channels (front, 1 open)
- International 5V power adapter (110-240V, RoHS compliant)
- 10' Ethernet cable
- Built-in web server (web browser interface, alerts from ID box)
- PageR 10 Object Enterprise software license (included, no charge)
- CD installation & resource media
- Printed Room Alert Signal Tower User’s Guide & Reference Manual
- Printed Getting Started With PageR Enterprise manual
- 12 months of Maintenance Support & Update Service
- Toll free sales & technical support
- 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
- Hardware Replacement Guarantee
- AVTECH's 20 years of experience* Additional sensors and international plug adapters are optionally available


Height: 21 cm

Width:  31 cm

Length: 31 cm

Weight: 2 kg

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