AvPlan AFP (Airline Flight Planner) is our hosted command decision tool for Flight Crews to get the maximum payload from origin to destination whilst

By: Avplan  11-11-2011
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AvPlan AFP (Airline Flight Planner) Solution Overview

General data required for the AFP System includes weather forecasts, navigational data and aircraft performance factors. For a particular leg, the flight number, zero fuel weight, aircraft registration and optimum cost index are also required.  These enable the system to calculate the navigation/fuel and flight plans/logs for in-flight crew use and forwarding to aviation authorities.  Also calculated are the expected departure and arrival runways, SIDs and STARs, optimum flight altitudes, optional alternates and all fuel requirements (destination, alternate, contingency, taxi, final reserve etc.)

What differentiates AvPlan AFP is the system’s flexibility and cost, as well as our extremely quick turn-around between flight-plan request and delivery.  Other AvPlan AFP capabilities include generation of flight plans in batch or self-service mode, performance factors per aircraft that are auto-calibrated as well as plan vs. actual performance monitoring and reporting.

But what our clients really like is our ability to customize the solution to their operations. This is a value-added service the larger flight planning system vendors simply cannot, or will not provide for all but their largest customers.

System Deployment Options

AvPlan AFP is a .NET application designed for three deployment options.

Any PC with access to the internet is able to access the AvPlanAFP server, hosted by AvPlan, via a remote desktop connection.  Remote desktop is a built in feature of Windows XP, and no extra software need be loaded onto the client computer.   


AvPlanAFP can be installed on a Windows 2003 server that is connected on a company’s intranet and then accessed by any desktop computers (or terminals) that are installed on the intranet. 


AvPlanAFP is installed onto a stand-alone desktop PC running Windows and has access to the Internet.

Keywords: Flight