Salesforce Backup and Restore: Protect Salesforce Data

By: Avepoint  11-11-2011

Localize Salesforce Protection

Backup Salesforce CRM data to your on-premise terrestrial file stores for swift, lossless recovery following accidental deletion.

Flexible Backup Scheduling

Flexible full and incremental backup scheduler lets you backup Salesforce CRM data as business demands, without overburdening storage resources.

Item-level Restore

Granularly restore data back to the Salesforce CRM cloud, or to any network-addressable or cloud location, ensuring zero data and productivity loss.

Granular Backup

Selectively backup Salesforce accounts, contacts, custom objects, or any other items to save storage resources and protect data according to business criticality.

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SharePoint Backup and Restore Software

Granular, item-level restores from DocAve or SQL Server backups via an intuitive timeline-based Restore Controller enables deft recovery of critical documents, sites or subsites directly to the original media. Quickly and easily recover all SharePoint components, databases, indexes, and configurations. Restore With Minimal Business Interruption and Data Loss.